Outcomes across the Continuum

Ensure that each point of care delivers the outcomes

which will rehab your patients back to full function!

Track patients throughout the Continuum of Care

You need to manage value across the entire patient experience.  If you are a part of an integrated network (IDN) or an accountable care organization (ACO), you know that it’s not enough for each department or provider to understand their value.  You need to ensure that patients are getting the right outcomes regardless of the setting.

Acute Care

As patients discharge from your acute facility, where should they go?

Inpatient Rehab & Skilled Nursing

Which is the best setting for each patient?  What kinds of outcomes do Inpatient Rehab and Skilled Nursing facilities deliver?  How do you articulate the value proposition of each beyond reimbursement?

Outpatient Therapy

Do patients get the right kind and level of care when they come from other settings?

The  AM-PAC™ spans across the entire Continuum of Care to measure patient functional outcomes.  With it, you can track the entire patient episode and capture the level of functional gain realized in every setting.  Use this knowledge to make better decisions about how to help patients navigate all the care options available to them.

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