HIS Integration

Integrate PAC-Metrix with your HIS!

AM-PAC Integration

Now you can integrate PAC-Metrix and the AM-PAC with your HIS.  With a new 2-way interface, you can easily send Patient patient data to PAC-Metrix to register your patients automatically as well as retrieve patient assessments and scores from PAC-Metrix directly within your HIS.  This makes it easier than ever to see your patient’s assessment values while you are documenting, and puts the G-Code Severity Modifier scores right at your fingertips right when you need them.

Mediware has published the specification online at the official PAC-Metrix API website.  Use of the API is free for any rehab software provider.  If you have questions about using this integration technology, complete the information request at the bottom of this page.


Not sure if your EHR Integrates?

Contact your informatics representative and ask them if your EHR or HIS integrates with PAC-Metrix.  If it doesn’t yet, it’s easy to do!

Do you have an AM-PAC Question?

Request a consultation with one of our knowledgable consultants about how the AM-PAC could work for your organization!

MediLinks Integrates with PAC-Metrix!

Mediware’s own Clincial Infomation System, MediLinks, integrates with PAC-Metrix using the public API.  Read more about MediLinks here.


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